What is Foxcast Radio?

The Fox is working his paws off on building, what is hope to be, a top notch, professional quality online radio stream focused around the amazing sounds, music, mixes, podcast, etc that the furs in our great fandom can create. But in order to reach that goal, The Fox needs YOU <3

What is Foxcast Radio Looking for?

In one word…content! Anyone can make an online station out random music left over from their dusty iPod’s, but The Fox’s goal is to feature as many talented furry music artists, DJs, & podcast’s made right within our fuzzy community. Not just play music. In the modern world of services like Pandora, Spotify, Apple Music, etc, anyone can play almost any song they want anytime, practically anywhere. Content is the key, along with detailed scheduling & technology.

So, What Kind of Sound?

The Fox’s goal is to keep things within the EDM (Electronic-Dance Music) world, in terms of music related content. With over 13,000+ known categories & sub-categories in the EDM world, that gives a lot of options for musician’s & DJ’s alike! As far as Podcasts / Shows go, they do not have to be EDM or even music related. So long as they are centered or relate to the furry fandom.

Well, Who’s Behind This?

See our About section to learn more.

What About All that Legal Stuff, Copyrights, Royalties, etc?

The Fox’s goal is to make a professional quality internet radio station. That includes all the things required to do it the right way, including proper licensing & business practices. Working with a business lawyer, The Fox is finalizing all the necessary paperwork to file for incorporation within the US state of Georgia as 501(c)(3) non-profit entity. That’s right, no profits or monetary gains for this vulpus, just the enjoyment of sharing the love of the fandom & the talented fuzzies that make up our community. Further more, this includes finalizing agreements with ASCAP, BMI, & SoundExchange so proper royalties will be paid when Foxcast Radio airs copyrighted music. No peg legged, one eyed pirate this Fox will be!

Well, What About the Unique Content I Create?

If it’s your content, its your content 🙂 The Fox is not seeking to “own” any original content that an artist submits, merely just the “okay” to play it. There will be a form to fill out before launch of any accepted content to ensure that for you. While we don’t have the capital to pay you royalties (non-profit right?), The Fox will glad provide generous promotions & adverts as a part of your contribution. If you have any further questions about that, feel free to contact us.

I Want to Help, but I’m Not a Musician, DJ, Podcast-er, etc…

That’s okay too! Bring Foxcast Radio to life will require *a lot* of time & energy and surely The Fox could use anyone’s help!  Below is just a small list of things:

Artists – Wanna try your paw out in helping create station logos, branding, promotional materials? Let The Fox know!

Voice-Over’s – Do you like to voice act? Maybe always wanted to try? Anyone every say you have a great voice? The Fox needs furs willing to lend their yap-cords for things such as sweepers, liners, promos, & bumpers (i.e, all of the little clips promoting the station & it’s image / branding between songs & shows when you listen to commercial radio).

Writers / Comedians – Any good station must be good at promoting itself & it’s image. As mentioned above, good image / branding is important & can’t have a voice over without something witty to say. The sky is the limit! After all, we’re furries, *plenty* of ammo to write hilarious clips 😉

Web Devs & Designers While Foxcast currently uses WordPress it surely has a long way to go to be complete. A looooong ways.

Bloggers / Reporters / Con-Goers – Since Foxcast is centered around the fandom, we  want to be able to report news & information on whats going on within the fandom both online & on-air.  So if you like to write con reviews or any thing related to the fandom. Foxcast would love your input! While we cannot report on *every* furry related event around the country, we’d love to be able to include schedules, reports / reviews, events, etc from regional area furry activities, too!

So, Interested? Fill Out the Form Below to Get Started!

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