The Fox Behind Foxcast Radio

The idea of Foxcast Radio was conceived by Dasos Vulpus (or Mark), a 31 year-old IT Systems Engineer from Athens, Georgia. He has been a part of the Fandom since 2001, as a little kit discovering anthropomorphic art related sites like “Wolfhome” & “VCL”. After attending a few small gatherings mid-2000’s & finally his first convention, Furry Weekend Atlanta, in 2008 he knew he was in for the long haul. Below are some Q&A from Dasos:

So Why Start Foxcast Radio?
First & foremost, I have a huge love for the fandom. To which I owe a lot of my personal growth & success to as being a part of it. Not to mention, all the wonderful friends I’ve come to know over the years. Most of which, I consider family. Two, I have always had a strong interesting in broadcasting / AV technology as a wee little kit. Back in the early 2000’s, while I was still kit just about to be a fox, my best friend & I from high school had this idea to start a streaming internet radio station. It was called “The Wolf – Internet Radio”. While working hard to over countless hours making our station sound as good as the “big dogs” we also did, almost three years of a live weekly talk show which we re-played back & posted links to online. Later on, in 2004, when Apple announced this new concept of downloading & syncing recorded shows , which the called “podcasts”, we jumped in snout first! A matter a fact, one silly claim to nerd “fame” I can say is that the show was one of the firstĀ  100 podcasts ever listed on the iTunes store in the podcast area. Long before that concept caught on throughout the rest of the internet.”

Have Any Experience?
While besides years of tinkering around with the world of internet radio & other random AV tech, my best friend from high school that co-started the online station enjoyed it so much, he got a part time job as a radio announcer. While I pursued a career in information technology, he ended up climbing the ladder thwe becoming program director for that same AM & FM station back in my home state of Minnesota which he started as a part-time announcer. This gives me access to great resources & professional knowledge so Foxcast Radio is not just another random internet stream.”